Demonstration at The Martial Arts Expo


h field demo2

Kru David Riley, with a team of adults & children, will be heading to the Martial Arts Expo on 19th & 20th October to do a Muay Thai demonstration.


Kru David Riley has been training in Muay Thai in excess of 12 years and is now leading his own demonstration team. People take part at the martial arts expo are: Kru David Riley, Dave Randall, James Wilcock, Greg Lewis, Georgia Musgrave, Leah Stocks & Jake Ellis.


Demonstration is a fantastic way to show off your Muay Thai skills outside of the gym, gain confidence and 

show your gym off to other people!

hfield demo team


 Good luck to all the students taking part at this event! After the display at MSA HQ - we know you will be fantastic!


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